Right now everything looks so strange to me, as if I don’t belong here. It’s me that’s out of place. And the worst thing is that I feel there’s somewhere I do belong, but I just can’t find it.
by The Awakening (L.J. Smith)

detail from Francesco Hayez, Il consiglio alla vendetta (Vengeance) (1851).

Helmut Newton for Vogue Paris 1983
I’m addicted to silence and privacy; I wallow in it.
by Valorie Wesley (via vvni)
Anxiety is not rude. Depression is not selfish. Schizophrenia is not wrong. Eating disorders are not a choice. Obsessive-Compulsive is not crazy. Mental illness isn’t self-centred, anymore than cancer is self-centred. It’s a medical illness.
by (via bewilderedapprehension)

Jean-Édouard Dargent